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Pawel Dziadur

Pawel Dziadur is a London based artist born in Krakow, Poland and working in multi-disciplinary practice, in which he likes to explore subjects of spontaneity and intuition, dismantle aesthetic boundaries and create cross-cultural bridges.

His field of practice was installation, happening, computational art and video as well as electronic music onto which he arrived through the improvised scene (he played in improvised music projects in Poland such as DM&P, Galloping Lethargy, Krakow Improvisers Orchestra).

Hot Subjects is realised as an installation, consisting of a digitally fabricated sculpture and projection, however, involved a process in social space and the title relates performed a survey. The title is a wordplay. Hot can mean desire as well as a high energy which can be beneficial or destructive, as well as hot subjects employed by art.